The Full Plate is a blog for busy people who like to eat well. By "eating well", I mean both in terms of eating healthy, whole foods as well as eating appetizing, seasonal meals.

The blog is inspired by a 28 day experiment my husband and I undertook to get back to a healthier pattern of eating after we found our busy lives had led us into bad habits. The blog initially captured each meal we had during that 28 day period, with recipes for any home-cooked meals as well as restaurant recommendations and tips on how we stuck to our healthy eating plan when dining out. We repeated the experiment in Fall and plan to repeat it again seasonally for a full year worth of seasonal, healthy meals.

For home-cooked meals, we design meals to fit our busy life, meaning ones that can be prepared within about 30 minutes, possibly with some advance preparation the morning or night before. Our plan does not adhere to a specific dietary approach, though many of the recipes are low carb, paleo, vegetarian or suitable for whole 30 diets. It probably comes closest to following the Mediterranean or MIND diet and definitely a clean eating approach with seasonal meals made from whole foods. Note that we are both healthy adults and find these meals suitable for us, but anyone with health concerns should naturally consult a doctor or nutritionist to ensure this plan is suitable before trying it.