Thai Coconut Chicken Soup and Cabbage Salad

This soup recipe from Sunset magazine makes a quick, savory dinner that's perfect for Fall. I've increased the amount of chicken and added spinach for a slightly heartier, more vegetable-rich version of the soup. A simple cabbage salad with a Thai-style dressing completes the meal.

Thai chicken coconut soup and cabbage salad

Makes 4 servings

Ingredients as listed in recipe, increasing chicken to 1.5 lbs and ensuring you have a whole lime on hand for the lime juice

3 oz baby spinach
12 oz kale or cabbage salad mix
Fish sauce in addition to what's called for in recipe


  1. Follow instructions in recipe to prepare soup up to the point where the chicken is simmering. Reserve remaining lime juice from whole lime beyond the 1 tbsp that was called for in recipe.
  2. Mix reserved lime juice with an equal amount of fish sauce and toss with kale or cabbage salad mix.
  3. Once the soup has finished simmering, add spinach and stir until wilted. Follow remaining instructions in recipe to complete the soup.
  4. Serve soup and salad alongside each other in bowls.

Note - If two people are working on this meal, it works well for one to prepare the soup while the other makes the salad.