Fall 28 Day Plan Starts September 22nd

As promised, we are gearing up to repeat our 28-day plan of healthy, easily prepared, seasonal meals, starting on Friday, September 22nd! Based on feedback we've heard, we're planning a few changes to how we post these here.

To make it easier to follow along with our menu plan, instead of posting what we eat each day after the fact, we'll be posting recipes in advance for 3 days worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner twice a week for the four weeks of the plan. This provides a complete plan for healthy, home-prepared meals most days of the week along with the allowance we've given ourselves of dining out for two meals each week. Each biweekly post will also include a shopping list to make meal planning even easier! With the first post starting on a Friday, that also allows a couple of weekend days to start preparing healthy meals at home so there are leftovers on hand for workweek lunches.

We'll still be starting out the 28 day period with a few days of low carb meals, with healthy carbs being reintroduced as the month continues and we'll be avoiding processed ingredients and added sugars. Many of the later meals will continue to satisfy either Paleo or low carb diet plans, though we are not planning to strictly adhere to either of those approaches.

Check back on Friday, September 22nd for the first set of healthy, satisfying Fall meals!