Summer - Day 24

Day 24 was a full day of camping and we had brought along plenty of healthy food options. We decided to keep our breakfast preparation and cleanup simple so we could fit in a morning hike. The yogurt apple breakfast bowls we've been having were perfect for this. For lunch, we had made the filling for Thai Lettuce Wraps in advance, so we could easily prepare it at the campsite. For dinner, our friends joining us camping prepared a tasty shrimp salad that was a refreshing treat on a warm summer evening.


Yogurt with apple and flaxseed


Pork larb lettuce wraps with baby carrots

*Pork larb lettuce wraps Baby carrots Lime sparkling water
[Get recipe](/2017/07/19/thai-lettuce-wraps-with-baby-carrots/)*


Shrimp and avocado salad

*Shrimp and avocado salad Lemon sparkling water
[Get recipe](/2017/07/19/shrimp-and-avocado-salad/)*


*Wasa crackers with peanut butter and apple slices Roasted almonds and nectarine*