Summer - Day 23

Day 23 was the start of a weekend camping trip for us. We started out with breakfast at home and then packed up healthy meals for the weekend that could be prepared with our camp stove and cast iron skillet.


Zucchini and yam hash with poached eggs

*Zucchini and yam hash with poached eggs Black coffee
[Get recipe](/2017/07/18/zucchini-and-yam-hash-with-poached-eggs/)*


Leftover Carribean-style pork tenderloin with grilled yams and kale from day 22.


Salmon with spinach and mushrooms

*Pan-seared salmon with spinach and mushrooms Green salad with radishes and chives Lemon sparkling water
[Get recipe](/2017/07/18/c/)*


*Almonds and apricots Wasa crackers with peanut butter and apple slices*

Donna W

Donna W