Summer - Day 21

Heading into the final week of our plan, we were feeling really good about the changes we'd made. Our diet was more flexible at this point, given that we'd gradually reintroduced items like fruits, starchier vegetables, dairy and even dark chocolate while keeping their portions limited. It was definitely beginning to feel like it wouldn't be difficult to continue eating in this manner going forward. This week we plan to add back whole grains in limited portions as well, which should make meal planning even easier.


Zucchini scramble with cheddar and tomato

*Zucchini scramble with cheddar and tomato Black coffee
[Get recipe](/2017/07/14/zucchini-and-cheddar-scramble-with-fresh-tomatoes/)*


Green salad with nectarines, gorgonzola and grilled chicken

*Mixed green salad with grilled chicken, nectarines and gorgonzola Lemon sparkling water
[Get recipe](/2017/07/14/green-salad-with-nectarines-gorgonzola-and-grilled-chicken/)*


Seared scallops with citrus quinoa

*Seared sea scallops Citrus almond quinoa Sauteed swiss chard Lemon sparkling water
[Get recipe](/2017/07/14/seared-scallops-with-citrus-quinoa-herbs-and-almonds/)*


*Red pepper and kohlrabi with hummus Almonds and apple slices*