Dining Out - Pestle Rock

Pestle Rock is a Thai restaurant in Ballard with dishes from the Isan region of northern Thailand. The cuisine of that area is spicy, with plenty of fresh herbs and vegetables, making it perfect for satisfying Thai food cravings without the usual heavier noodle or rice dishes. We visited the restaurant with a friend who was also interested in eating lighter that night and had a satisfying meal for three planned around lighter, vegetable and meat-based dishes from the menu.

We started out with the Sai Ua, a vibrant, lemongrassy pork sausage served with pickles and peanuts, as well as the grilled beef. The beef had a sweet, savory, spicy dipping sauce that was one of the highlights of the meal.
Thai sausage
Grilled beef with chili dipping sauce

We followed up those two smaller bites with a couple of larger dishes from the menu - the Yum Samun Phrai, a lettuce and herb salad with pork, as well as the Meing Pla Dook, a catfish-mango dish served with lettuce for wrapping.
Herb salad with pork
Fish lettuce wraps
After those four dishes, we were still a bit hungry, so we split one more order of the delicious Thai sausage. The menu has good variety and there were several other dishes we could have chosen for a light and healthy dinner. There were also several vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options that were well marked on the menu.