Summer - Day 11

It's a good thing we were behind on our plans for dining out, because the sunny long weekend resulted in an impromptu dinner out with friends that night. After catching an afternoon movie in Belltown, we headed to Queen City Grill for dinner, where we found several healthy dinner options. We ended up splitting the crab salad as an appetizer, followed by the salmon and chicken entrees.


Broccolini Cheddar Scramble from Day 8.


Sardines on Wasa crackers with beet salad

*Sardines on Wasa crackers with capers and onion Beet and arugula salad Lemon sparkling water
[Get recipe](*


Dungeness crab salad
Salmon with chard and corn puree
Roasted chicken with Caesar salad

*Dungeness crab salad with grapefruit
Salmon with chard and corn puree OR Roasted chicken with Caesar salad
Pinot gris*


*Apple slices with peanut butter Cherries and roasted almonds*

Donna Whitlock

Donna Whitlock