Summer - Day 10

Day 10 started with the usual egg scramble for breakfast, this time with a savory combination of spinach, bacon, cherry tomatoes and green onion that were left over from dishes prepared earlier in the week. For lunch, we had leftover miso-marinated flank steak and salad. The chilled steak went so well with the salad and savory miso dressing that it was even better as leftovers than in the original dish.

Given that we were well behind our allowance of dining out twice a week, we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at San Fermo in Ballard.


Cherry tomato, spinach and bacon scramble

*Cherry tomato, spinach and bacon scramble Black coffee
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Leftover Miso-marinated flank steak with salad from Day 9.


Grilled garlic scapes
Burrata with grilled shishito peppers
Pheasant with arugula cherry salad

*Grilled garlic scapes Burrata with blistered shishito peppers Roasted pheasant with cherry arugula salad
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*Sliced cucumbers, baby turnips and halved radishes with hummus Wasa crackers with peanut butter Raw almonds*