Summer - Day 7

By day 7, we had accumulated some leftovers, so we focused on working our way through those before preparing any new meals. For a change of pace from the egg scrambles we'd been having for breakfast, we tried an apple yogurt bowl with flaxseed, which was quick to prepare and had a delicious, creamy flavor.


Yogurt with apple and flaxseed

*Yogurt with apple and flaxseed Black coffee
[Get recipe](/2017/07/04/yogurt-with-apple-and-flaxseed/)*


Leftover Tofu Saag with Zucchini Salad from Day 5.


Leftover Cobb Salad from Day 6.


*Roasted almonds and berries Cauliflower, cucumber and radishes with hummus Wasa crackers with mashed avocado*

Donna W

Donna W