Summer - Day 6

One of our goals has been to increase the amount of vegetables we eat. A convenient way we've found to do this is to cut up a couple varieties of vegetables one day (enough for say 4 snacks), keeping the leftovers in the fridge and adding another type of vegetable each day. That minimizes the prep time and allows for a good variety of snack veggies on any given day.


Zucchini and tomato scramble

*Zucchini, tomato and green onion scramble Wasa cracker with mashed avocado Black coffee
[Get recipe](/2017/07/03/zucchini-tomato-and-green-onion-scramble/)*


Cobb salad

*Cobb salad Sparkling water
[Get recipe](/2017/07/03/cobb-salad/)*


Blackened rockfish with collard greens and yellow squash

*Blackened rockfish
Steamed collard greens Roasted yellow squash Sparkling water with lemon
[Get recipe](/2017/07/03/blackened-rockfish-with-collard-greens-and-yellow-squash/)*


*Roasted almonds with cauliflower and sliced cucumber
Plain yogurt with sliced peaches*