Summer - Day 5

Our new recipes on day 5 were both good vegetarian choices for this time of year. The tomato-basil topping for this morning's egg scramble had a fresh, summery flavor. For dinner, a savory Tofu Saag dish was complemented well by a light, lemony zucchini salad.


Zucchini scramble topped with tomato and basil

*Zucchini scramble topped with tomato and basil Wasa cracker with mashed avocado Black coffee
[Get recipe](/2017/07/02/zucchini-scramble-topped-with-tomato-and-basil/)*


Leftover Italian chicken sausage with sauteed greens and sliced tomatoes from Day 3.


Tofu Saag with Zucchini Fennel Salad

*Tofu saag
Zucchini fennel salad Iced chamomile tea
[Get recipe](/2017/07/02/tofu-saag-with-zucchini-fennel-salad/)*


*Plain yogurt with chopped apple and flax seed
Cucumbers and sliced peppers with hummus*

Donna W

Donna W