Summer - Days 1 and 2

For the first few days, we stuck to a strict, low carb diet. To make this more enjoyable, we planned meals that would still feel like indulgences - bring on the steak and salmon!

Note that we started the plan on a day when we were home to make lunch, so rather than our usual time-saving approach of having a meal for dinner one night and leftovers the next day for lunch, we had the same meals both days.


Spicy cauliflower hash topped with fried eggs

*Spicy cauliflower hash topped with fried eggs Black coffee
[Get recipe](/2017/06/29/spicy-cauliflower-rice-topped-with-fried-eggs/)*
##Lunch ![Grilled salmon with Emerald City Salad](/content/images/2017/06/IMG_3590.JPG)
*Grilled salmon in lemon-oregano marinade
Emerald City Salad Sparkling water with lemon
[Get recipe](/2017/06/29/grilled-salmon-with-emerald-city-salad/)*


Grilled NY steak with portabello mushrooms and asparagus

*Grilled NY steak with Montreal steak seasoning
Grilled portabello mushrooms Grilled asparagus Sparkling water with lime
[Get recipe](/2017/06/29/grilled-new-york-steak-with-portabello-mushrooms-and-asparagus/)*


*Sliced red and yellow peppers and radishes with hummus
Celery with peanut butter*

Donna W

Donna W