Summer - Days 1 and 2

For the first few days, we stuck to a strict, low carb diet. To make this more enjoyable, we planned meals that would still feel like indulgences - bring on the steak and salmon!

Note that we started the plan on a day when we were home to make lunch, so rather than our usual time-saving approach of having a meal for dinner one night and leftovers the next day for lunch, we had the same meals both days.


Spicy cauliflower hash topped with fried eggs

Spicy cauliflower hash topped with fried eggs
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Grilled salmon with Emerald City Salad
Grilled salmon in lemon-oregano marinade
Emerald City Salad
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Grilled NY steak with portabello mushrooms and asparagus
Grilled NY steak with Montreal steak seasoning
Grilled portabello mushrooms
Grilled asparagus
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Sliced red and yellow peppers and radishes with hummus
Celery with peanut butter